In Building Network solution


DAS-is the solutions that provide mobile connectivity inside the township, where the coverage, capacity or quality would not have been satisfactory DAS solutions are increasingly deployed and introduced to mobile networks, as user demands for “everywhere connectivity” are matched by the opportunity for mobile operators to offer improved services and increase traffic revenues.

The people who are living or working in the hospital / Building are facing high call drops, no network, Bad quality and unable to make calls these problems are basically because of the interference from the nearby macro sites and the capacity issues. DAS is the best solution for these problems.


Our solution is a Hybrid DAS this is a combo of Active and passive DAS. This DAS system will support all the requirements of any type of customer. We are creating a central control room for all mobile operators and distributing the coverage and capacity from the central location to multiple locations.

We use the passive system for providing the coverage and capacity to the nearest area of the Central control room. We also apply the active system for providing coverage for the far end area of the buildings. By using this hybrid solution, we can save the cost and extend the coverage and capacity to another location on the premises.


A DAS consists of a master Unit or head-end linked to a mobile operator’s base station. The main hub transmits the mobile signal to remote units (RUs) and antennas, which amplify the signal in specific areas of the venue. Because of traffic demands, large venues are often divided into sectors, in which a specific frequency bands or operator’s service is distributed.

DAS solutions transport RF signals in digital format from the Master Unit to the RU. In other words, DAS systems can be configured to operate at any point on the deployment of continuum emphasizing coverage to capacity. Digital transport offers peak RF performance and greater system architecture scale and flexibility compared to analog solutions, and far less fiber infrastructure while offering Maximum bandwidth to the capacity crowd.


With the rapidly changing dynamics in today’s communication world, Wi-Fi has turned out to be a key focus in all areas of communication. The need for data speed, data-offloading, content, e-commerce, government initiatives, disaster management, to name a few, is driving the world towards a faster, simpler and efficient Wi-Fi adaptation.

RWS, with its experienced team of designers and solution architects, has been successfully helping its customers to build cutting-edge   Wi-Fi networks, which address all the hurdles and challenges faced by Wi-Fi players.